Are you a Neurodiverse Female Solopreneur stuck in the "procrastinate - avoid - stress about it" cycle?

What becomes possible if you had dedicated, sacred time and space each week to take action towards your projects and goals?

Where you could celebrate your wins, have the accountability support of a group, and create time each week to actually be in action taking steps towards creating the results you want in your life or business?

Welcome to Momentum Magic.


Momentum Magic brings a fresh perspective to the concept of accountability - so if you hear the word accountability and you can feel yourself start to tense up, you might be in the right place.  Momentum Magic is intentionally designed to be a softer, come-as-you-are, group accountability and action space where you can get stuff done from a place of connection, celebration and excitement. Think of it more like a Momentum Support Group that helps you stay in motion towards your goals while you feel seen, heard and inspired by each other.

Past participants share that what makes Momentum Magic so valuable for them is that it's an anchor point each week to help them stay on track with their projects and goals. That the combination of community, connection and getting sh*t done has become a vital touch point that has them looking forward to showing up for themselves week after week. They often come back circle after circle.

We put in place just enough structure to help keep us on track - but not so much that it feels overwhelming. We're a shame free zone.


Momentum Magic is designed for specifically for healer or creative neurodiverse solopreneurs who are craving community, connection and need a sanctuary each week to actually put working on their projects and goals first amidst caring for everyone and everything else. It 

If you...

 Are really good at keeping promises to everyone but yourself.

Relate to time set aside for yourself as optional.

✨ Keep putting off working on your own projects till "later" and want that to change.

Crave community and connection

This might be the group for you.


✨ Weekly Group Accountability and Action sessions: Thursdays from 10:30 am - 12:00pm PT January 11 -  April 4, 2024 (no session February 8th)

✨ Tools to help you map your work and track your progress

✨ A calm, supportive, come-as-you-are space to take action towards your projects and goals

✨  Access to as-needed spot coaching during each of the Group sessions 

✨ 1 additional, 60 minute One to One coaching call with me to use any time before April 4, 2024 (Value $150)


$470 incl GST

Questions? Ready to make some Momentum Magic? 

Email to register.


I thank and acknowledge the people of the T'Souke Nation, on who's traditional lands I am grateful to live and work. I acknowledge and honour my responsibility to be an active participant in meaningful reconciliation and to learn and participate in healing the intergenerational impacts of colonialism.