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October 13, 2023  Event Details

Women. Sisters. Goddesses. Queens.

You are officially and cordially invited to a day of Divine Feminine Sisterhood.

We gather on Friday, October 13th, the day of the Goddess, in my sacred ritual space to celebrate the Divine Feminine and Reconnect with and Reclaim that radiant power within ourselves.

So many of us are so busy shining our lights brightly into the world and yet we are often disconnected from that same light within us.

We’ve lost access to our magic as we navigate our busy days in the mundane world.

And yet, it’s still there, waiting for us to remember.

What becomes possible for ourselves, our beloveds and the world as a whole when women are deeply connected to the strength, resilience, and beauty that resides within each and every one of us?

I can’t wait to find out. How about you?

What To Expect

✨ Divine Ritual: Engage in rituals and activities that connect us to our inner Feminine power.

✨ Sisterhood: Magic happens when women gather together. Always.

✨ Nourishment: We'll nourish our souls steeping in empowered sisterhood. We'll nourish our bodies with the provided light lunch, snacks and tea.

✨ What to Bring: A journal and pen. Optional but welcome, a small object, crystal or item of clothing you want to steep in the energy of the day.

Come as you are, and expect to leave feeling nourished, empowered and fully present to the divine Goddess that you are.

I welcome you to join us in circle if you feel the call.

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