Life Coaching is a powerful personal development modality for support in navigating most of life's experiences and transitions. 

Everyone can benefit from a coach to partner with them as a curious possibility seeker, mirror, cheerleader, accountability partner, and occasional loving call forward when we lose sight of our greatness

In coaching partnership with me, we'll move through a powerful process of inquiry, insight, project design and action, to support you in achieving the results that you want to create.

We'll create areas of practice, design projects to get you in action around your goals, and dive into what's in the way of getting from here to there.


Simply put, Ontology is the study of the nature of being. 

We look at who we are, how we're showing up in our lives, and how we want to show up moving forward. We use that reflection and self-discovery to determine what action and practices we need to take on to get from where we are to where we want to be.


I thank and acknowledge the people of the T'Souke Nation, on who's traditional lands I am grateful to live and work. I acknowledge and honour my responsibility to be an active participant in meaningful reconciliation and to learn and participate in healing the intergenerational impacts of colonialism.